Performance Indicator

The functional Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are mutually set between the Client and their team (involving the Shared Services manager and the Engagement or Project Manager as appropriate). While different programs require different Client defined KPIs to be structured, the most important KPI to Arctern is the satisfaction of our Clients with the resources on their team(s). If at any time, a Client is not satisfied with their resources, our transparent model and open relationship allows for the Client to request the termination of the resource. We will gladly make adjustments on your behalf. The Shared Services Manager is in place to ensure this governance occurs. What we ask in return is that you communicate openly with us, and allow us the chance to help resolve issues at the onset.

We recognize that your decision to outsource your company functions to an offshoring company is a very important one. We want you to be very comfortable in partnering with us and have designed our policies to be friendly and encouraging for our customers toward such decisions. We recommend that you review our free no-obligations proposal which we can send to you upon getting a better understanding of your immediate needs along with our Standard Master Services Agreement. It may further help answer/evaluate some of your questions/concerns.