Candidate Selection

It should be noted that interview and final selection of a candidate does not always translate to the candidate joining us and coming on board.

Although we confirm and reconfirm during each preliminary interview about the candidates availability and desire to take on the new position, unexpected factors can at times prevail. In fact, it is not uncommon for some candidates to even sign and accept our offer letters but eventually decline to join the company during their notice periods for unexpected reasons. Such factors are very difficult to predict despite best efforts and can include:

  • Arctern not being satisfied with the candidates reference checks
  • Decision by potential employee not to join after multiple interviews:
    • Determines role is not a good fit
    • Final Salary offered is deemed unacceptable
    • Unwilling to re-locate
  • Candidate uses the Arctern offer to negotiate with current employer and remains in current role

We realize that such risks are not different from situations employers face in the US, however, it is still important for us to bring them to your attention and appropriately set your expectations. We will always keep you posted if any such development occurs for any candidate that we have jointly selected as soon as it deserves your attention. Consequently, it is very important that from the outset we actually select and negotiate simultaneously with at least two candidates for each position. This way in case our first choice begins to back track or is unable to accept our offer for any reason, we minimize the loss of time in filling the position on our end.

As good talent is hard to find anywhere in the world, it is always in high demand. Good candidates are sought after by a number of companies. With the current bullish conditions in the Indian job market, and considering the above factors, it is important that we are expedient in our actions when we do like a candidate.