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Payroll Services

Our Payroll Services enables clients who want to handle their own recruiting to save money with Arctern's administrative support and expertise - the ideal solution for:

  • Enlisting an independent contractor: Arctern hires and efficiently processes payroll for your contractors, easing the workload on your finance team.
  • Previewing an employee: Bring on new talent and assess their value to your business before adding them to your in-house payroll. Great match? Hire them on with no fee. Not the right fit? Easily move on to a new candidate.
Simple Process, Solid Results

We've made the program easy: You refer the candidate to Arctern, and Arctern becomes the employer of record. We handle the time-consuming aspects of payroll processing for the employee, supplying a single, simplified invoice for their service. Whether youre hiring one person or a whole team, Payroll services provides improved recruiting flexibility while reducing costs.