Why Offshore Outsourcing?

There are many reasons why a business may consider outsourcing due to below benefits:

Significant Benefits:
  • Hire 3 skilled professionals in certain low cost markets for the price of 1 in the US
  • Save 65% on Employee Costs - you can save over $40,000 per employee per year - one simply cannot ignore such significant savings.
  • For example, hire skilled professionals with a Masters Degree starting at $10/hr (including complete infrastructure and management oversight!)
  • Benefit from the best of both worlds - the loyalty that comes with an employee and the flexibility that comes with a contractor

Arctern's RemoteHire® "offshore staffing service" takes advantage of India's proven offshore delivery model. We understand and are well experienced in managing the entire process from recruitment to infrastructure to management.

The benefits that come with the RemoteHire® service are ideal for companies with the following traits:

  • Your company performs certain tasks locally at a higher cost structure when instead it can be performed remotely at a much lower cost structure
  • The market leaders or competitors in your industry already hold the India advantage against you. This could be in the form of new product innovation (R&D), technical support, customer service, quality assurance, sales & marketing, back-office operations, and so on.
  • Yours is an emerging growth company or division that needs to make new investments in R&D or expand its service offerings, and you need to maximize your returns on such investments
  • Your company needs to lower its salary costs without reducing the work output
  • Your company needs to provide a 24/7/365 presence for certain parts of its operations
  • Your company has the need for job functions that primarily require only an internet connection, a telephone, and a computer.
  • Your company prefers to get into contract with a local company for offshore services instead of directly signing an agreement with an offshore company
  • Your company needs to do more with less
  • Your company is already trying to fill new job positions for tasks that can be conducted remotely
  • Your company needs to team up with a larger organization providing a wider scope of products and services to win larger bids
  • Your company needs to convert an idea into a feasibility study, prototype, beta, release, and maintenance - turn your idea into reality and jumpstart a company with minimal investment comparatively
  • Your company needs to simply and quickly try out the offshore talent and get its feet wet without committing a lot of investment in terms of time or money and taking a big plunge even if it is only one person!
  • Your company is venture funded or is trying to raise venture capital - most investors today consider having an India strategy a pre-requisite to funding
  • Your company has plans to expand globally and get closer to new markets in Asia, Middle-East, Far-East & Africa
  • Your company needs to outsource its work but completely control all aspects of the related project
  • Your company or product or service needs to be globally minded and needs international exposure to widen its cultural scope and experience
  • Your company has great ideas for innovative services or products but limited financial resources
  • Your company needs access to a larger supply of skilled and educated professional resources to select from