Intellectual Property

We understand your concerns related to protection of your trade secrets, design concepts, company proprietary information, and the source code of your products or technology. Let us address some of these concerns for you.

  • Manpower resources out of India are already providing billions of dollars of R&D development related services to companies around the world (over $42B to the US market alone and growing exponentially!) it has become a highly common practice especially in the software & technology industry. In other words, there is plenty of precedence with a number of companies now trusting their intellectual property in the hands of Indian companies and its professionals.
  • The Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights laws for the software industry are very strong within the Indian judicial system as the Indian government is promoting such exports and recognizes the need to protect the customers globally.
  • At Arctern, you have the choice of dealing with both an US based and/or Indian company. Our founders, management, and board of advisors are highly reputed US executives (and citizens) with a very successful track record. We do not tolerate nor can we afford violation of any IP agreements.
  • At Arctern, we ensure that each of our employees sign a non-disclosure, non-compete, non-solicitation, proprietary information and inventions agreement with the company probably far stronger than most agreements signed by employees in the US hence ensuring that we protect your interests.