Our Core Values

Volt Purpose Statement

Partner with our clients to provide innovative workforce and technology solutions with the world’s best talent.

What this means:
  • Competitive advantage focusing on deeper, “stickier,” committed relationships with clients, employees and on-assignment talent
  • A trusted partner that knows our clients well enough to drive value, not just a vendor that takes orders
  • Provide innovative solutions, not just talent
  • Optimize solutions unique to each client, utilizing full and integrated company resources (“One Volt”)
  • Attract the strongest talent with a positive, engaging culture that drives competitive pride
  • Unleash talent potential to drive value for all (right people in the right places)
Integrity We show consistency between words and actions. We act in a manner consistent with our values and coach others on how to apply Volt’s values through their work. We do what is right rather than what is popular or expedient.
Customer-Centric We are successful when our internal & external customers are successful. We develop positive, trusting relationships as the foundation of our customer partnerships. As experts in our field, we understand our customers’ strengths and opportunities and provide strategic guidance to help them achieve their goals.
Ownership We think and act as owners of our company. We are accountable for our actions and we continually learn from both our successes and our mistakes. We have high standards for our performance and we are driven to achieve them.
iNnovation We strive for fresh, creative thinking. We stay current on trends, challenge the status quo and seek to create constructive disruption wherever possible. We are committed to advancing our progress with new thinking ranging from process improvement opportunities all the way to break-through ideas.
Empowerment We take initiative and give our best effort. We encourage and support one another and are confident to make decisions at the appropriate level. We motivate one another to achieve our full potential and personal satisfaction through a sense of purpose and a spirit of cooperation. We are committed to growing ourselves and one another. Talent is the core of our business.
Change Agent We drive change to improve the business, take smart risks and we flex based on need. We proactively lead and support our colleagues through change. We are ready for and open to embrace change and are active participants in our future.
Teamwork We are stronger together. We work collaboratively to achieve a common goal, leveraging diversity of ideas and fostering open, honest communication and feedback. We place the team’s needs above our individual self-interest. We authentically appreciate one another through sincere recognition and celebration of successes.


Volt Leadership Competencies

Connect at the Core
Show Care & Compassion Genuinely cares about people; shows concern about work and non-work problems; is available and ready to help; demonstrates empathy; practices active listening
Communicate with Purpose Understands information from receiver’s perspective; anticipates response from others and adapts communication style based on the situation and person; conveys relevant information to others in a clear and timely manner; provides positive and constructive feedback in a timely manner; challenges assumptions in a respectful way.
Inspire & Empower Creates a climate in which people want to do their best; promotes a commitment to and enthusiasm for Volt’s purpose, values, and direction; motivates others to go beyond what they thought they could do; encourages and empowers others, making them feel valued and important.
Maximize Our Power & Potential
Develop Talent Attracts, recruits, promotes, and develops talent; selects talent who demonstrate organization fit and sustained contribution; values diversity and respects individuality; has frequent development discussions; is aware of each person’s career goals/aspirations; co-creates development plans; removes barriers impeding development; advocates for individual career growth; promotes continuous learning.
Build Trusted Partnerships

Is relatable and seeks to build rapport; establishes and maintains effective relationships with internal and external customers; earns trust and respect:

  • Builds trusted partnerships with external customers – identifies trends, anticipates, and develops strategic plans to meet future needs of existing and potential clients; is a trusted advisor; forms and maintains clear communication with customers regarding mutual expectations and monitors customer satisfaction; follows through on client inquiries, requests, and complaints.
  • Builds trusted partnerships with internal customers – promotes a welcoming, productive environment, good morale, and cooperation; seeks to work with internal customers to understand needs and collaborate on effective solutions; responsive to and delivers on commitments; asks questions, discusses, or clarifies for understanding; maintains a positive attitude and shows flexibility to new approaches and ideas.
Infuse Teamwork Contributes to a positive environment by exhibiting role model behavior and consistently treating all employees with dignity and respect; effective in group settings and is a recognized team player; develops and maintains positive and cooperative working relationships with others; voluntarily shares important or necessary information with others; welcomes feedback; works well with a variety of people at all levels of the organization.


Differentiate & Deliver

Strategize & Execute with Agility Anticipates future trends and consequences; takes smart and appropriate risks; is future-focused; translates strategy into clear objectives and goals; utilizes information from a variety of resources to generate alternate opinions; plans and executes new business strategies successfully and efficiently.
Innovate Looks for ways to do his/her own job better and follows through; consistently questions and challenges traditional thinking (i.e. the way things have always been done) by engaging in active and responsible dialogue to drive continuous improvement and efficiencies; adapts existing processes or products to new situations; applies new technology on the job; adopts a cross-boundary mindset in own work and encourages it in others.
Drive Results Consistently meets or exceeds individual and team objectives; supports an environment of accountability; manages self to metrics/targets; sets and accomplishes goals and priorities; acts decisively to keep plans and activities on track; works with business partners; expects continuous improvement from others and self; seeks to learn & share best practices.