About Us

Corporate Overview

Who we are

Founded in late 2004, Arctern is a global services company serving the needs of businesses worldwide with the purpose of bridging the global workforce.

Competitive Edge

Committed to improving its customers’ profitability, Arctern provides skilled manpower resources, infrastructure, and management for various practice areas including software development, engineering, web design, technical support, call center operations, sales and marketing, customer service, research, and back-office accounting and administration. With significant industry and business experience, global resources, and a pioneering business model called RemoteHire®, Arctern can help quickly, easily, and affordably, deploy the right people, projects, and infrastructure to meet the business objectives of small and large companies.

Since 2004, Arctern has successfully implemented the offshore outsourcing model for numerous companies across USA. Our current objective and scope of work is four folds:

For Developed Markets:
  • To bridge the need of businesses in developed nations which are facing a competitive disadvantage from their respective market leaders with regards to lower operational cost structures due to the benefits of offshore outsourcing of skilled human resources.
  • To expand the service or product offerings of businesses from developed nations to developing markets in Asia, Middle East, South America, and Africa.
For Developing Markets:
  • To bridge the need of businesses in developing nations which are growing to provide easy, one-stop access to infrastructure and skilled manpower resources in developed markets.
  • To expand the service or product offerings of businesses from developing nations to developed markets in North America, Europe, Asia, & Australia.
Company Background

Arctern's founder Bijal Mehta is a pioneering entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in setting up and managing successful enterprises both in India and the US. Bijal ranks among the early entrepreneurs to leverage the cost and skillset benefits of an India-US workforce model to build innovative software products for a global audience when he started iCode in the 90's. His dream was to bring this advantage of developing markets to all customers whether large or small and access to developed markets for growing companies in developing markets. It is with this vision that he started Arctern in 2004.

Under his leadership Arctern is expanding its presence in global staffing & infrastructure services and driving its growth strategy based on a global customer centric approach. Arctern is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified and uses the industries best standards and practices in their services.

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