Case Studies

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Information Technology (IT)/Software

Software Development and Testing
  • A New York based company, which provides a sophisticated vendor management system that allows business enterprises to manage various categories of services spend, leverages Arctern's RemoteCaptive™ engagement model to augment its software application development team.  Download
Website Migration
  • A global technology company needed help with migrating contents of a high-traffic Web site from a soon-to-be-retired platform to a new, more sophisticated platform. The project was outsourced to us with great results.  Download
Web Application for Task Tracking and Report Generation
  • An interactive entertainment games producer sought help with developing an integrated solution for task tracking and report generation. The project was outsourced to us with great results.  Download
Customized Application Development
  • A US based software company leveraged the benefits of Arctern’s RemoteHire® model to build a Web based information management system that enables users to record, organize, and readily access their personal and family information anytime anywhere.  Download
  • Arctern helped a California based software company specializing in custom open source Web applications development, Web hosting & support to find and get on board highly skilled PHP developers to work full time for it from one of Arctern’s world class facilities in India.  Download
Game Testing Captive Centre
  • Arctern successfully helped set up and manage a game testing facility lab in Hyderabad, India, for the world's largest testing lab based in the US  Download
Technical Help Desk
  • An Atlanta-based developer of security applications that ranks among its customers the US Air Force and Army, the Departments of the Interior and Defense, found it advantageous to engage Arctern to locate and hire a technical support specialist to address queries and issues related to their suite of products from customers across Europe, Australia, and the US.  Download

Business Process Outsourcing(BPO)/ Knowledge Process Outsourcing(KPO)/ IT Enabled Services(ITES)

Accounting & Finance
  • A CPA firm from Virginia found it advantageous to have Arctern recruit an accountant to work for it full time out of a well-equipped Arctern facility in Bangalore.  Download
Recruitment Delivery Centre For A Staffing Company
  • A large, US based recruiting company leverages Arctern capabilities to set up a recruitment delivery center benefitting from Arctern RemoteCaptive? model to augment their staffing business.  Download