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There are many jobs, tasks, or roles in most organizations that simply do not require a physical presence in any particular location to get the work done. Such tasks may require only a computer, a telephone, an internet connection, a desk, certain language and cultural skills, limited training, and an education/experience in a particular field. This concept has dramatic effects on a company's business model as it alleviates the need to hire locally for certain tasks.

While the respective governments and world economists are trying to figure out a solution and deal with the controversy or opportunity, the fact remains that many companies are gaining ground on their competitors in their respective industries.

Many also argue that when countries like China and India begin to flourish they will create a huge market access for the products and services from developed countries and one can witness early examples of this cyclic phenomenon on the global economy.

Arctern has specifically designed its RemoteHire® service to help small and medium sized businesses compete with large companies by giving them the same competitive advantage and access to the lower cost human resource pool from low cost markets without requiring the deep pockets, resources, long-term commitment, or infrastructure that is normally required. What is required is the recognition of what is discussed above and a new mindset and approach.

RemoteHire® is a service that provides businesses with scalable skilled resources across multiple domains, in addition to complete infrastructure and shared support services.

Leveraging our world-class infrastructure and technology, Arctern assembles the right resources to meet short or long term goals. Resources hired under this model are the joint responsibility of Arctern and the client. The client is responsible for the functional aspects of the remote hires role such as defining the precise nature and scope of work, laying down time frames for deliverables, monitoring the progress of work and setting performance indicators. Arctern is responsible for the day-to-day operational aspects.

In addition to providing the infrastructure and facilities, Arctern offers shared support services including Transport, HR, Payroll, and IT Support. State-of-the art communication tools for effective collaboration between the client and remote hire resources are provided in addition to the required hardware and software. Arctern is certified for ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 which are international standard for quality assurance and information security management respectively.

The RemoteHire® engagement model enables clients to extend their office beyond their local location, with benefits similar to having their own employees. The model is an ideal fit when a client needs to deploy a smaller number of remote resources and wants them to feel like an extension of their existing team.