Benefits of RemoteHire®

  • Savings on human resources: Save approximately 50-65% on employee cost yet have the most qualified professionals work for you, delivering tangible benefits to your business.
  • Complete control over resource selection: Clients can select resources according to their specific requirements - resources are shortlisted following Arctern's rigorous recruitment process. Clients then have the opportunity to interact with potential candidates, gauge their suitability, and ultimately choose those they want on their team.
  • Large talent pool to choose from: A large and highly diverse pool of skilled resources coupled with state-of-the-art recruiting technology makes Arctern well-equipped to meet diverse business needs.
  • Client resources free to focus on strategic initiatives: With a competent team of remote resources working on your team, your employees can concentrate their time and energy on core strategic areas of your business.
  • Scalable operations: Start with one resource and scale up the remote team size according to your business needs.
  • Total visibility and functional control: All functional direction is provided directly by the Client to the resources.
  • World class infrastructure, facilities and shared services: When Clients engage with Arctern, they forgo the cost of renting out office space and various facilities. Arctern provides world class infrastructure and facilities along with all HR, payroll, IT and communications support.
  • Information & data security: Our clients enjoy a benefit of global standards of information and data security, which extends from network level and data level security to physical security. Arctern is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards.
  • Round-the-clock shifts: Our clients can take advantage of time zone difference and multiple shift operations to reduce work turnaround time and improve efficiency.