Management Oversight

As part of our business model, and depending on the nature of engagement, Arctern assigns each billable position to a Shared Services Manager (a non-billable resource for the customer). The extent to which the Shared Services Manager is involved in the client relationship is set according to the wishes of the client in the early stages of the engagement. The Shared Services Manager can be present for daily or weekly briefs and act as the liaison and first point of escalation for each of the three entities in our triangulated business model the Client, the Billable Resource(s), and Arctern.

The Shared Services Manager briefs the client at regular pre-arranged intervals on the progress of work and other issues related to the overall performance, productivity, commitment and behaviour of the resources. They track the periodic time-log, status reports, holiday & leave management, delivery deadlines, appraisals, two-way feedback, incentives, or any other administrative, financial, or HR related issues. The Shared Services Manager also serves as the first point of contact for escalating issues of an operational nature. The resources are hired and brought on broad as employees of Arctern and, therefore, are subject to its corporate governance framework. This framework is closely aligned with the statutory and legal norms in force in the countries where the Arctern operates.

The graphic below illustrates the key responsibilities of Arctern and Customer for the RemoteHire® engagement model. However, it is not intended and should not be construed as a full description of services or the parties respective roles and responsibilities.

Responsibility Matrix for RemoteHire®