About Us

Volt's Bangalore-based offshore company, Arctern, addresses our clients' demands for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Project Solutions and Managed Services. Arctern offers offshoring solutions in a variety of practice areas since 2004. We currently have over 300 full time equivalent employees located in our Bangalore headquarters and our other client locations.

17 years as an Offshore Outsourcing service provider | More than 150 global clients | Services span across Managed Services and Outsourcing | Process Excellence certified for ISO 9001, ISO 27001, GDPR compliance



Global Expertise

An award winning, global workforce solution provider, listed on the NYSE and a Fortune 1000 organisation. Volt propels businesses and careers forward with expert momentum. Volt’s 35,000 employees work across 85 offices worldwide to provide workforce management and talent acquisition solutions to businesses and job placement services. With 70+ years of industry leadership and a growing global team of employment strategists, partnerships and proactive approach to business needs, Volt strive to maintain an innovative and highly relevant sector-based portfolio globally.

Global Expertise

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