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Overall it has been a positive experience partnering with Arctern, under their RemoteHire® engagement model. Arctern has helped us find low-cost yet excellent resources to work as a team out of their Bangalore facility. With the India team working to US hours, it's like having a virtual extension of our office. Thanks to their proactive service managers operational issues, if and when they arise, are quickly resolved. In short, it has been a great collaboration.

I would be happy to recommend Arctern to anyone looking for outsourcing services.

- Niti Agrawal


We have been quite satisfied and highly recommend Arctern. Our primary use of Arctern resources is in bulk data processing to reduce our internal data processing workload. As a client for the past year, Arctern resources have become team members, and have provided us the ability to quickly ramp up production and ensure quality maintenance of our accounts, all within a highly secure environment. Knowing that Arctern resources receive fair wages and full employment benefits has also been very important to us in our engagement.

- Kevin Cochran

Chief Operating Officer

Arctern's RemoteHire® engagement model enables us to scale at a rapid pace: their ability to identify experienced candidates, on board them quickly and provide the necessary infrastructure enables us to add new members to the team within a short time frame. With Arctern providing a full service HR team, we save on the cost of developing one in house. Yes, we would recommend Arctern to others. The flexibility and support Arctern provides, including coordinating travel of team members, is incomparable. Each member of the Arctern support team demonstrates his/her primary concern lies within the customer's best interests.

- Manav Choksi