Stay Competitive

Arctern makes globalization easy. Your business can now easily take advantage of the benefits of globalization and offshore outsourcing to low cost markets to significantly reduce your payroll costs with Arctern’s Outsourcing and Managed Services models. You can now hire skilled professionals in these low cost markets who exclusively work for you and are selected by you across a number of specialized practice areas including software development, recruitment, customer service, technical support, telesales, marketing, accounting, and more. Arctern is your one-stop shop for offshore outsourcing of skilled resources. Hiring skilled employees in low cost markets is now well within your reach. We want to be a leader in globalization for small and medium businesses.

Did you know that you can hire skilled employees in low cost markets in two easy steps? First, you need to complete our online job description for the full-time position that is open in your company. Second, you interview and select from qualified candidates whom we shortlist for the role. It is as simple as that. Your selected employee will work exclusively for you under your direction and our management oversight. We will provide them with the entire infrastructure including the computer, software, office space, services manager, internet line, US telephone number, HR department, Systems Administration, Finance, Payroll, and benefits basically the whole nine yards!

Now you can stop wondering how your small or medium company too can benefit from the offshoring advantage, or how you can compete with larger companies that are using outsourcing advantage against you.

Arctern Value Add: Trusted partner for our customers, work on a transparent model
  1. Unique Business Model
    • Complete infrastructure provided including a world-class recruitment process and management oversight
    • We have access to excellent skilled, low cost, large number of professionals across various practices and world-class infrastructure globally
    • One stop shop for multiple practices (Software, QA, Call Center, Recruitment, Accounting, etc.)
    • Easy to start and highly scalable
      • Relatively Risk-free can start with only one position
      • No CAPEX investment upfront
      • Customer can interview and hire specifically to their requirement
    • Gives customer ability for 24/7 operations
    • Completely protect your intellectual property and proprietary information
  2. Complete Flexibility:
    • Customer can choose any engagement model from staff augmentation to complete project outsourcing
    • Multiple shift working hence providing services mapping to customer time zone period
  3. High visibility to customer and employees:
    • Highly responsive to customer requests
    • High quality resources technically screened
    • Qualified and screened candidates within SLA
    • 24x7 availability of designated POC
    • Strong Technology platform to integrate all processes of Arctern services, capture customer requirements and employees interaction - Arctern Information Management System
      • Employee attendance and leave tracking
      • Online help desk to resolve employee issues in timely and efficient manner
      • Extensive analytics
    • We provide a range of support services to both employees and customers, to ensure seamless and efficient delivery of services. These include:
      • Dedicated Service Manager for handling all Resource escalations and management
      • Regular reviews to ensure continued satisfaction with our service
      • ISO 9001 and 27001 certifications that ensures we work to high standards, providing an ethical and professional service