Keys to Happiness

Surya Katakam, Vice President - Technology

It is not the accumulation of wealth that's the key to happiness but it is the success; being successful in things we are involved in either directly or indirectly is what keeps us all happy.

Random Jottings

Sudhakar Vishwanath, Corporate Counsel

The capital city of the State of Karnataka, Bangalore or Bengaluru as it's now known, is famous for its grand gardens and super cool climate throughout the year. Despite all its oddities and short comings, the city offers several memorable

Bend, don't break: Dealing with inflexible colleagues

Raghavan Natarajan - Head, Communications

Almost all of us would have come across a colleague who is inflexible, stubborn, and sees his/her perspective on a situation as the only one there is.

Believe in yourself: How to develop your confidence

Raghavan Natarajan - Head, Communications

Lack of confidence. Even the most successful people have struggled with it in their careers. But hardly anyone is born with it. These tips can help you bolster your confidence. Here's what to try:

Your credibility counts: Show people they can trust you

Raghavan Natarajan - Head, Communications

Arctern is built upon the philosophy of transparency. We use world class tools to foster honest communication and open collaboration. Our unique engagement models provide a direct relationship