Believe in yourself: How to develop your confidence

Lack of confidence. Even the most successful people have struggled with it in their careers. But hardly anyone is born with it. These tips can help you bolster your confidence. Here's what to try:

Don't compare yourself with anyone: Remember each one of us in an individual, with his/her own strengths and weaknesses. Focus on your own achievements and ambitions, not anyone else's.  Concentrate on identifying and strengthening your own unique skills and strengths. The surest way to send your confidence plunging down is to be obsessed with others who you think are more successful.

Track your success: Keep a track of what you have been able to achieve on a daily basis, never mind if those accomplishments seem small. When you record your victories on a daily basis you will feel a sense of success - and when you look back over your own progress your confidence level will swell.

Practice being assertive: Becoming assertive may be one of the hardest things you have ever done, but learning and eventually mastering it can be highly rewarding.  One way to learn being assertive is to visualize situations where you usually tend to be nervous or anxious. Visualize the same situations where you picture yourself as being assertive. It may not be bad idea to practice your 'assertiveness' before a mirror, all the while checking your expression and body language.  Once you feel yourself confident, then try it out in some real-life situations. In the beginning, you can try it out in situations that are not too critical.

Think positive: Most of us tend to let previous failures and bad experiences cloud our mind before when we are about to do something important. That only makes us more anxious. Instead let your mind think of positive memories, accomplishments and experiences for a minute or true. That will certainly help boost your self confidence.

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